Remember who you are, before all questions and before answers, remember who you were before everything... 

Thank you for your presence, for arriving here to this page, just as you are. 
You are an exquisite part of the ocean of breath and life connecting us all in a sacred community. 

My name is Marcella and I am a Yoga teacher based in North London. 

My mission is to help heal and open your heart as Yoga is a path more profound then any form of gymnastic fitness. 

"One of the most difficult things to achieve humanly is truthfulness" - Mahatma Gandhi 

I am sharing knowledge, passion for True Yoga practice to awaken homeostasis between mind, body and heart. Combining different Yogic practices to evoke primal calmness, stillness and silence of the mind; sweet breathing tuned with the yoga practice; gaining mental and physical strength, stamina and focus on the mat and in life. Helping to heal the hidden traumas trapped in the body and in discovering your true Self and your life purpose. 

I teach various practices and provide supportive, nurturing and an understanding environment through:

  • Yogic Philosophy and storytelling

  • Working on correct alignment with breath (Pranayama) and Drishti (Gaze)

  • Layering music to awaken the senses

  • Mudras to focus on the Marma points in the body and provide healing

  • Mantras to connect to sacred utterance, the vibration - the method for reviving our transcendental consciousness

  • Chakra Yoga to tune to your subtle energy channels

  • Mandala Flow to focus on 4 elements of Nature and flow in the circle to connect with the Higher Consciousness

  • Meditation to connect to your Higher Self

  • Mindfulness to know how to find love and the inner strength within you

  • Rituals to connect with The Self and Mother Nature

  • Dance movement to find freedom and fluidity within the body

  • Psycho-spiritual work to release traumas trapped in the physical & emotional realm of yourself

Sharing the Love, passion for Yoga and speaking from the Heart I invite you to take this beautiful journey with me...