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Pregnancy Yoga Cover at Lordship Hub @10.10am

  • Lordship Hub N17 6NU (map)

at 10.10am at Lordship Hub, Lordship Park, N17 6NU

One of the great benefits of Pregnancy Yoga is that it can awaken women to their own capacity to labour well, and to encounter birth as an opportunity for a profound spiritual initiation.

The breath, movement and meditation practices that are encountered in pregnancy yoga can provide a hugely supportive foundation for women to enter into labour and birth with a sense that they can trust an instinctual and embodied response to these great challenges.

Off all the practices that empower women to experience conscious surrender, is it the practice of Breathing during pregnancy and birth that brings this home most completely.

Practising yoga during pregnancy helps women to learn to follow the breath and to be guided by the deep blood wisdom of the body. This experience enables women to face the challenge of birth by letting the breath helps us to make a conscious surrender to the great forces which are working through the body: it is a generous and spacious surrender, to “get out of the way” of birth.

See you Beautiful Goddesses on Saturday !!!