1-2-1 Session - Yoga for Cyclists - 1 Session £45 p/h

1-2-1 Session - Yoga for Cyclists - 1 Session £45 p/h


*Contact me regarding dates and timings before purchasing the session.

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1-2-1 Single Session for Runners and Cyclists £45

This session is designed to increase wider range of movements and stretches to open the hips, lower back and upper body area. Through different Yogic tools you will be able to focus, relax more and improve your breathing and flexibility.

Yoga can really help to relieve the physical niggles that come with cycling – from tight hamstrings, calves and thighs, to lower back discomfort and shoulder pain. Not only does it help repair pain-afflicted areas, it protects your body by making it stronger and more flexible. Yoga stretches will help mobilise the joints and strengthen the muscles around the joints to keep the joints safe. For veteran riders, it can undo the harm done by years of hard riding and the pain that became stored in the body.