Psycho-Spiritual Healing Session and Massage 70min -£80

Psycho-Spiritual Healing Session and Massage 70min -£80

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Emotional Anatomy & Bodywork

Emotional anatomy focuses on the appearance of the body and the emotions  stored in its tissues. Bodywork combines intuitive massage with pressure applied to emotional trigger points which activate the energy centres of the body. This emotional release, works on the principle that emotions are stored in the body’s cellurar memory.

There are particular emotional release points in the body which, with pressure applied, release the trapped energy in the tissue. 

Incorporating Yogic Ancient knowledge with Shamanic Energy Healing to bring you to homeostasis.

After a session of emotional release, you will feel the effects of psychosomatic healing: an incredible difference in your body and mind, like a physical and emotional weight has been lifted .

This massage is not something you can find on the High Street. It is very profound sacred practice, that I am offering.

There are energies and experiences in this life, that you do not think can heal you or exist- but they do.

Jai Ma