Dhyana (Guided Meditation) - 1 Session £45 p/h

Dhyana (Guided Meditation) - 1 Session £45 p/h


Guided Meditation practices tailored to your needs.

“Silence is the garden of mediation” - Maxims of Ali

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Guided Meditation practices tailored to your needs:

Stress Panic Attacks Depression Inability to focus Grief Fear

Anxiety Withdrawal from people Busy mind Heart problems Unloved

Dyslexia Unable to calm down Self- enquiry

“In it’s true state, mind is naked, immaculate; not made of anything, being of the Voidness; clear, vacuous, without duality, transparent; timeless, uncompounded, unimpeded, colourless; not realizable as separate thing, but as the unity of all things, yet not composed of them; of one taste, and transcendet over differentiation.” Padmasambhava

Meditation techniques I teach are based on the Gurus and Monks ancient practices, that I have learnt and experienced; that activates regions of the brain involved in intention and attention that can inhibit activity in the amygdala, the older, more primitive region of the lymbic system that can trigger our fight or flight, or acute stress and anxiety response. As you begin your meditation practice, your breath will become more relaxed- slow, conscious and full. This positive change in your breath is very important to regulate the symphatetic nervous system and relaxation response.

Meditation is activating the dopaminergic reward pathway, the brain pathways involved in experiencing happiness and pleasure.

The practice of meditation can also shine a spotlight on any hidden and destructive shadows of our thoughts we may have. When we learn to better control our thoughts through daily meditation, we are able to transcend aspects of our ego that cause us suffering.

With meditation session you will notice more and will be more engaged in your life experience.

Meditation also allows us to tap into higher states of consciousness, characterised by an expanded sense of awareness and unity, a non-dual state of loving- kindness.

“Silence is the garden of mediation” - Maxims of Ali