1-2-1 Session - Yoga for Swimmers & Divers - 1 Session £45 p/h

1-2-1 Session - Yoga for Swimmers & Divers - 1 Session £45 p/h


*Contact me regarding dates and timings before purchasing the session.

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1-2-1 Session - Yoga for Swimmers & Divers - 1 Session £45

*This session can be arranged at the swimming pool or in the “dry land”.

Both yogis and swimmers know about using the breath to move the body. Yogis use the breath to encourage the opening and lengthening of stubborn muscles, and cleansing of physical and emotional toxins storied in the body. Deep, full breathing (Pranayama) enhances yoga asanas and increases circulation and cardiovascular capacity. Being immersed in the water makes this process easier, as water puts pressure on the lungs to expel excess air and allows fresh new Prana (life force energy) to enter the body.

Breath and Meditation is an awareness factor into good swimming. After all, swimming is a sport in which the senses are withdrawn and awareness is pulled inward. For some people, it is because you are covered with water, with little sensory ability, little sound, little visual stimulation...it's a sense of the fifth limb of yoga— Pratyahara  literally, a gathering toward Oneself and withdrawing the senses.

Increased Range of Motion + Stability = Mobility

Mobility is important in the development of more effective technical skills as well as learning how to swim with greater efficiency and ease.

A swimming-specific yoga practice ensures you are creating strength and stability in your joints as you increase range of motion. The practice is focused on functional mobility meaning what is being developed in your yoga practice can be transferred off of the mat to give you an opportunity to improve your performance in the water.