My Journey

I began my yoga journey over a decade ago, when I was introduced to Raja Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness.

A few years later I attended courses in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage (Champissage). I then discovered the vast ocean of Ayurveda and underwent Panchakarma to detoxify my body and mind. It was an extraordinary experience. During that experience I realised the moment, that I was living in the life bound to certain perspective that didn’t support me in a healthy way; it was not close to my own truth and it was not aligned with my visions and dreams for myself. I had made a choice to tune to a new perspective; the power of my awareness that pushed me to find the strength, light and inspiration to start my life from the beginning. I began to practice yoga and instantly fell in love with the body movement, Pranayama, Philosophy and the feeling of light entering my mind, body and heart.

I attended a course led by inspirational teacher Claire Missingham and thanks to her encouragement and my determination; I started attending various Yoga classes daily to expand my knowledge, practices, stamina and inner and outer strength.

Since then I have completed various courses, workshops and teacher training:

2008                 Raja Yoga Meditation

2012                  Ayurveda (Panchakarma) - personal experience

2012                  3 month’s work experience in Ayurvedic clinic in London - Ayurvedic massages

2013                  Aromatherapy and Reflexology course

2013                  Indian Head Massage (Champissage) - Champissage School London

2013 ongoing research, travels and experiences on Meditations, movements and Healing


*Acroyoga trainings with Erica Montes (30 hrs) - basics, partner work, H2H, H2F

*Raja Yoga Meditation and Silent Retreat (Vipassana) - Oxford


*Hands on Adjustments in Ashtanga Vinyasa (16 hrs) with Ryan Spielman RYS

*Inversions and Backbends in Ashtanga Vinyasa  (8 hrs) course with David Swenson RYS

*Aerial Acrobatics on hoop and silks training (30 hrs) with Forgotten Circus

*Inner Axis Immersion course with Max Strom (30 hrs) RYS

*Flexibility for Dancers Course (18 hrs) with Natalie Hunt

*Supporting injured students (6 hrs CPD Anatomy course) with Dr Yogi (Yoga Journal)

*Vinyasa Flow Yoga Intensive Course (15 hrs) CPD Diploma with Claire Missingham RYS                                                          

*Acroyoga trainings with Acroyoga Dance RYS (20 hrs CPD)

*Acroyoga trainings with Jaqui Wan (30 hrs)

*Classical Ballet Courses (80 hours) with Maksym Shpachynskyi

*Contemporary Dance course (30 hrs) with Hannah Cameron

*Christopher Hareesh Wallis - Tantrik studies - ongoing

2017-2018 - Graduated and completed 1 Year 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga London

(RYT 200 Yoga Alliance)


*Indian Philosophy and Traditions studies under the University Professors from around the world, Guru and Swami - Ongoing

*Shadow Yoga- Practice - Ongoing

*Handstands Immersion course (8 hrs) with Tom Wilson - Leonard

*Storytelling, myths  and Energy channels flow course (16 hrs) with Stephanie Snyder

*Inner Axis course (20 hrs) with Max Strom

*Tantra studies and Advanced Pranayama, Bhakti, Ayurveda etc.- ongoing studies with my Guru and other Teachers

*Studied under Tantra Buddhist Monks in Asia - Meditation, Prananyama, philosophy etc.

*Secret Tantra Studies with my Guru- ongoing


*Sanskrit Studies - under the Teacher at Oxford University - ongoing

*Sanskrit and unpublished manuscripts readings and study - ongoing

*Vedic Chanting - under Prof. from Oxford University - ongoing

*Level 1 & 2- Amazonian Indian Lineage - Shamanic Healing and Initiation

*Mayan Women circles- Studies with Mayan Shamans (50 hrs)

*Shamanic Rituals and tradition studies- ongoing

*Shakti Prana Vinyasa and Rhytmic Meditation Flow Immersion with Shiva Rea (30hrs CPD)

and many more courses…just named a few above.

It was and still is life long journey to self-development through the direct personal experience and guidance by my amazing yoga teachers and teachings of my Guru.

I have travelled to Cambodia, Thailand, Bali and Europe in search of knowledge and experience and still planning to visit more counties to learn.

I have attended and still continue to participate in various lectures, workshops and courses with local and international Yoga Teachers to whom I am very grateful for sharing their wisdom, knowledge and support.

My practice includes: 
Vinyasa, Classical Tantra, Shadow Yoga, ZaZen, Martial Arts with Qigong & Hatha Yoga, Martial Arts with Ashtanga Yoga & Primal Movement, Hatha Yoga, Mandala Krama, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Classical Kundalini, Iyengar, Shakti Prana Vinyasa; Acroyoga and Ballet.

Jai Ma